Civil Engineering

An evergreen branch

Mechanical Engineering is concerned with the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of all types of machinery like steam engines, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, steam turbines, power plants, agriculture machines, machine tools (like lathe, milling, shaper, Drill, Planer Welding Sets, CNC machines etc.), refrigerators, air conditioners, coolers, cement plants, steel plants, textile machinery, paper mills and so on.

This is one branch of Engineering that will always be in great demand, because no industry can run without its retinue of Mechanical Engineering, may be that designing’ erection, commissioning, R&D, Production, Maintenance, Purchasing, Storing etc.

The undergraduate program imparts students with mastery in the field of civil engineering besides fluency in mathematics, physics, instrumentation, computers, management and economics - essential requirements for any successful civil engineer. Students gain practical experience from field visits to industries, dams and irrigation structures, construction sites, etc. The computer center of the department uses special-purpose commercial software packages like STAADPRO, AUTOCAD, and PRIMAVERA.